Charts & guides


Here you will find charts for systems, problem and defect prevention, and other useful guides to make your work easier and more efficient.


9.2.01_Autocoat BT_Overview Shelf Life_UK_Eng.pdf9.2.01_Autocoat BT_Overview Shelf Life_UK_Eng114 KB
Autocoat BT Core Product Overview 2021.pdfAutocoat BT Core Product Overview 202132 KB
Autocoat BT System Overview 2021.pdfAutocoat BT System Overview 202185 KB
Bulletin_Infra Red Drying Autocoat BT Products_EMEA.pdfBulletin_Infra Red Drying Autocoat BT Products_EMEA42 KB
Bulletin_Topcoat Blending B05 Autocoat BT_LV_351_EMEA.pdfBulletin_Topcoat Blending B05 Autocoat BT_LV_351_EMEA91 KB
Bulletin_WB 551 Basecoat Blending Autocoat BT_EMEA.pdfBulletin_WB 551 Basecoat Blending Autocoat BT_EMEA94 KB
Headlight Repair Process Autocoat BT.pdfHeadlight Repair Process Autocoat BT572 KB
HSE Process Poster.pdfHSE Process Poster279 KB
Problem Prevention Guide.pdfProblem Prevention Guide587 KB
Sikkens Autocoat BT VOC and Weight Solids.pdfSikkens Autocoat BT VOC and Weight Solids148 KB